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Why Pay More if you Don’t Have To?

Switch from your contract plan and get the same cellular networks at half the costs.


Free Mobile Data Plans make it super easy to use the latest smartphones such as the iphone 5s with the wireless plans that offer the most value. A free mobile data plan is a wireless plan that includes the calls, texts and data for one flat rate. Free Mobile Data Plans are all prepaid plans so you never have to sign a contract to start new iphone service. Verizon customers and AT&T customers are switching to a free data plan to avoid paying the extra cost for the shared data plans that are required with contract cellphone service offered through Verizon and AT&T. 

iPhone users get the best data plan for iphone - a free data plan not a shared data plan. Activate your AT&T iphone 5s today and get unlimited calls & unlimited texts with your data plan included for only $30/month total - taxes included. The savings are clear, choose an iphone service plan with our Verizon MVNO service or AT&T MVNO service and cut your cellphone bill in half. Existing customers can get out of Verizon contract and transfer their number.

When you activate your iphone with a free data plan, you keep the same iphone features you love without paying the extra cost for the shared data plan. You keep the same nationwide cellular network and you never have to worry about overage charges like you see with contract cellphone service plans. Get prepaid service for your iphone or android phone and get the best plans available in the country. You do NOT have to unlock or jailbreak your phone to use our service and you can bring your own phone to cut down on the cost to start new smartphone service.

Click on the MVNO options below to view the best cellphone plans available for your handset. You can choose from the follwoing options, Page Plus - Verizon MVNO, H2o Wireless - AT&T MVNO, Simple Mobile - T-Mobile MVNO or PrepaYd Wireless - Sprint MVNO. 

Why Choose a FreeMobileDataPlan

  • You can Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP)
  • You do NOT have to unlock or jailbreak your phone
  • Great for teenagers and college students
  • Makes budgeting your household wireless expenses easy
  • Flat rate billing, no overage charges
  • Prepaid iphone plans
  • pageplus

    Page Plus

    Verizon Wireless MVNO. Perfect way to get out of your Verizon contract and lower your Verizon bill.

  • h20

    H2o Wireless

    Uses At&t network. Att iphone data plans included. Unlimited talk & text plan for $30/month

  • simplemobile

    Simple Mobile

    Same network as Tmobile. Unlocked att phones work. Unlimited talk, text and web for $40/month.

  • prepaid

    PrepaYd Wireless

    Sprint MVNO. Lower your Sprint bill and use popular Sprint phones with a PrepaYd plan.