H2o Wireless Options

Get Prepaid iPhone 5s service today with H2o Wireless! H2o Wireless is an At&t MVNO. An At&t MVNO uses the same nationwide cellular network to deliver excellent wireless options for iphone and android handsets. You can bring your own At&t iphone to h2o wireless and freemobiledataplans will activate your Att iphone, transfer your current Att cellphone numbers (number portability) and send you a compatible micro sim card for your iphone. Many customers choose Att MVNO service because of the simplicity of set up and the ability to use the Att iphone 4, iphone 4s, iphone 5, iphone 5c and iphone 5s without paying extra for the shared data plan. With an Att MVNO for your iphone service you get the same At&t network at HALF THE COST of going through AT&t directly for your iphone service.

You can cut your At&t iphone bill in half today. H2o wireless offers iphone service without a data plan that includes unlimited talk and text for only $30 a month of you can get an All in One iphone plan that includes data. Start prepaid iphone 5 service today and get $5 off your first months bill. You can say good bye to your overpriced shared data plan for iphone and say hello to savings. At&t phones do NOT have to be unlocked to use h2o wireless service.

You do NOT have to unlock or jailbreak your At&t smartphone to use h2o wireless service.

Get Prepaid iPhone 5s Service Today! Same Networks - Half the Costs, Avoid AT&T Shared Data Plans

Plan Nationwide Minutes Text Messages /iMessages Included Data/month Overage Charges Monthly Price
$30 Plan unlimited unlimited 500MB $0 $30 (Tax Included) shop now
$40 Plan unlimited unlimited 1GB $0 $40 (Tax Included) shop now
$50 Plan unlimited unlimited 2GB $0 $50 (Tax Included) shop now
$60 Plan unlimited unlimited UNLIMITED $0 $60 (Tax Included) shop now

Buy a compatible mirco SIM card for your iPhone 5, iphone 5c or iphone 5s


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