Page Plus 4G SIM Card

Page Plus 4G SIM card for Verizon 4G android phones and Verizon 4g iPhone.

Product Description

Get the ultimate weapon in affordable smart phone service. The Page Plus 4g SIM card allows you active popular 4g handsets with Page Plus. Bring your own 4g phone to start new service with Page Plus. Popular 4g handsets include the Samsung Galaxy s4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. Take the high cost out of Nationwide 4G LTE Service with the Page Plus 4g SIM Card. You do NOT have to flash your smartphone to Page Plus. You keep all your phone features and you enjoy blazing fast 4g LTE data speeds with Page Plus service.

Page Plus 4G service plans offers access to the most coveted cellular network in the world for HALF the cost. Use free mobile data plans to get Verizon MVNO service and activate your 4g phone with Page Plus. The Page Plus 4g SIM Card is available for new page plus service accounts or existing page plus accounts that are upgrading to a 4G handset.


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