Verizon Wireless – Page Plus iphone 4s -16GB

The Verizon Wireless iPhone 4S is the follow-up to the very popular iPhone 4 and features a faster Apple A5 dual-core processor and better 8 megapixel camera. The iPhone 4S also features Siri - a new voice assistant heeding natural-language questions and commands, and taking dictation. Other features of this smartphone include a gorgeous 3.5-inch high-resolution display, full web browser, Bluetooth compatibility, music player, Wi-Fi, and 16GB of of internal memory. The iPhone 4S also comes equipped with GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA modes for international use. Use this Verizon iphone 4s with Page Plus, a Verizon MVNO, and get prepaid iPhone service with all the advantages of Verizon service but the cost of a prepaid plan.

The 4S inherits all the standard iPhone features from the preceding models, including the calendar, voice memos, weather and stock apps, the various clock features, Google Maps, the compass, text messaging and e-mail, and the Notes app. The iPod player is there as well; the 4S splits your music and video libraries into two separate icons. In another change, the 4S also offers an upgrade to Bluetooth 4.0. Though still a growing technology, Bluetooth 4.0 uses less power and will enable the iPhone to talk to small battery-operated devices like Nike+ sensors and fitness machines at the gym. For more on Bluetooth 4.0.

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The feature that Apple is touting most is the new voice assistant called Siri. It doesn't completely replace the current Voice Control feature--that's still there if you want it--but it certainly does a whole lot more. Basically, Siri both follows commands and answers your requests for information. For example, you can check the weather, ask for a contact's address, set up a reminder, get directions, and ask for obscure trivia. You speak to a robotic female voice (you can't change her identity) and access the feature by holding down the Home button (just as you do to access Voice Control). It uses both your location and a Google search to find a response, so you will need to have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The feature is in beta mode and supports English, French, and German. More languages will come later.

The product condition is used, in excellent condition. The product has very minor or no visible blemishes. This product comes with 30 day warranty. This product has FREE SHIPPING.

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